About us

Cottage Classics was a small home-based business I started in 2004 from my country kitchen table. I had one size candle and about 10 scents. I took my candles to craft shows and by word-of-mouth, my business grew to the point that I needed more space. I moved my production area to the basement kitchen, then to the garage for a few years. (Bless my husband for giving up every square inch of our 2 car garage!). With returning customers, fundraisers and an internet presence, Cottage Classics had grown to the point where a larger facility for production was needed and a retail shop was inevitable. So, in July of 2011 Cottage Classics moved out of my home and into its own facility where production takes place daily and I can be found in the wee hours of the morning still pouring and packaging products. I offer wholesale products to qualified retailers, and host fundraisers throughout the year. Contact me if you would like more information!

Dana Imm/ Owner



Call/Text  419-615-0124